Questions: Answers:
      Do I need to "print out" a copy of goals/objectives?
      The only copy you may want to print is for your records if you like to work from a print copy and/or keep one on file. You may want a print copy at the ARD meeting to discuss your recommendations. You will always have access to view the goals & objectives on line. The diagnostician will provide a copy for the parent when the entire ARD document is printed.
      How do I address schedule time for 06-07?

      Screen 36 Courses/Curriculum
      Select the school year 06-07. You will need to enter courses for this year as well as next year when the ARD meeting is documenting more than one school year.
      When I send out the teacher feedback forms, where would PE/athletics and electives be cut and pasted to?
      You may place that information on the page “other” or on any unused page. E-Sped is working to change this for us. Also, if you want to paste only the information relevant, that is OK. The entire form does not have to go there. Teachers may also write a narrative comment instead of using the template.
      I know that diagnosticians can always lead us to approximate grade levels for testing.  What tools would the Co-op prefer us to be using now to better tie in goals and objectives? 
      Criterion referenced test choices will be based on the individual needs of the student. The co-op will be glad to support testing instruments that the special education professional & ARD committee selects. Due to the uniqueness of all students with disabilities and varying levels of abilities, there will be many different instruments and methods to document student progress.
      Can we add words to the spell checker?
      Not at this time. This request has been submitted to E-sped.
      Can we add “Sources of Data” lines?
      Not at this time.
      The brief ARD prints all of the accommodations pages even when not used. How can that be avoided?
      This is an E-sped problem. The company is aware of this. To avoid those pages printing, do not select the accommodations as part of your report if none are needed. However, this must be addressed, so a comment in the deliberations stating “No Accommodations Needed” would suffice.
      I know there are TEKS for my grade level and subject area, but I cannot find them in the E-Sped bank of objectives.
      It seems that the TEKS search works best when a subtopic is not selected until the last opportunity/screen. First search for the general TEKS for a particular instructional level and topic. Then when the general TEKS objectives appear, select “Find by Topic” and add the topic.
      Remember you must be on the screen “Measurable Annual Goals (TEKS)” to search for TEKS objectives.
      What goal number should I use if I have more than one goal for an area?
      The E-Sped goal numbers can be found on the Parker County website. If there are more than one goal for a particular area, such as reading, they should be numbered 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc. The goal numbers correspond with the numbering system used for TEKS. If the area already has an extension number such as Counseling (7.2) add another extension (7.21, 7.22, etc) E-Sped will only accept one decimal point.
      FIE - Am I still attaching a separate evaluation report or is that information supposed go into the narrative now?
      If you attach an additional report it will need to be FAX archived, which is OK.  Whenever we can complete the information needed in E-Sped it will eliminate that FAX step.  Do whatever is best practice and appropriate for each individual student.
      When I enter text on the Present Levels of Academic Achievement & Functional Performance, there are other notes already there. When should those be deleted?
      When entering text in the blank pages on any E-Sped screens, please begin your text with your name and date. 
      If the page has text from another teacher or service provider, do not delete that text.  This page is for everyone to share information.  Place the cursor at the end of the current text, add your name & date followed by the information you need to contribute for the ARD meeting.
      The previous text can be deleted once that ARD meeting has been archived and when the next ARD meeting is being prepared.
      We have ARD accommodations pages from several teachers. Can this be electronic?
      Yes! Thanks to one of our resourceful special education teachers, this document is available to share with the general education teachers.

      ARD Modification Page
      I just need to know how the campus secretaries will be notified of the changes in placement etc. done in ARD meetings.
      The diagnostician will continue to provide the campus secretary with a PEIMS Data Summary Sheet.
      Screen 6 - Review of Existing Evaluation data available for reevaluation.  Date: ____
      What do we place in this box?

      When a student is due for re-eval, and the ARD committee determines NO NEW testing is needed, check this box and put today's (ARD Date) date following the statement. 
      Otherwise, this box will be left blank.
      How do I document the need for Extended School Year (ESY)?
      E-Sped has an ESY Supplement. Each service provider should include their documentation for the ARD meeting on the ESY supplement. Each student that received ESY last year will have a summary report in their folder that documents the results of ESY and the need for the service. This information will be helpful to the ARD committee in making appropriate ESY decisions. Service providers will also need to provide the ARD committee with the goals & objectives to be maintained for ESY.






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